Top 3 Reasons to Have an Open House When Selling Your Hawaii Resort Home

Open houses should be a vital part of your Realtor’s marketing plan, especially if you are selling a resort home in Hawaii. I’ve held dozens of open houses along the Kohala Coast and have distilled it down to three top reasons why you should hold an open house when selling your Hawaii resort home (as opposed to year round residential properties.)

1. Big Island visitors surged in 2016

Visitor arrivals to Hawaii surged to record highs last year according to new year-end stats just released by the Hawaii Tourism Authority. On the Big Island alone, 1.55 million people visited our island, spending $2.1 billion, up 11 percent over 2015.

Why is this important? Because real estate is among the items people purchase when visiting the Big Island. If you’re selling a Kohala Coast resort property, you really need to have a Realtor who is committed to holding open houses. Every week new visitors are arriving in the resorts. Holding open houses on a regular basis enables more visitors to see your house for sale.

2. Vacation renters are potential buyers.

Many communities within the resorts, such as KaMilo at Mauna Lani Resort, allow for vacation rentals. Indeed, using your home as a vacation rental is a great way to offset the cost of your investment. People who seek out vacation rentals in Mauna Lani Resort do so because they love this resort over other nearby resorts. They love strolling around the Kalahuipua’a fishponds, dining at the Shops at Mauna Lani, and the privacy and luxury found within this exclusive resort.

Simply put, people are vacation renting in Mauna Lani because they like the resort. It’s been my experience as a residential developer and real estate agent that after people do some initial sight seeing, they settle down in their vacation rental and start looking around the neighborhood as a potential place to live. This leads me to reason #3 why it’s important to hold an open house.

3. Buying a home is an emotional experience

This is where holding open houses becomes key to selling your resort home. People on vacation in Mauna Lani are strolling and driving around the neighborhood. While out exploring and enjoying the community a home might catch their eye. If your Realtor is holding an open house on a regular basis, it’s easy for potential homebuyers to stop in and see if the property is right for them.

While most homebuyers start their house hunting search online, they still want to see and feel what a home is like in person. Buying a home is an emotional event. Buying a vacation home in a community the family visits year after year is also emotional. When selling your resort home, it’s better for your Realtor to interact with potential buyers in person on location than via the phone when they are back on the mainland. Holding open houses regularly ensures that more people can see your property first hand and fall in love with it in person.

As a Realtor focusing on Hawaii resort homes, I have several listings in KaMilo and hold more open houses in KaMilo than any other real estate agent on island.

If you have questions about listing your Kohala Coast resort property or buying a resort home, give me a call today at (808) 674-7576.

Golfing Along the Kohala Coast

Golf lovers know a good course when they play one, and golfers from across the world flock to the Big Island to play on the multitude of exceptional courses found along the Kohala Coast. According to Travel + Leisure magazine, the Kohala Coast may have “the greatest collection of dramatic seaside golf courses in the world.”

At Hawaii Beach and Golf Properties, we know that the golfing lifestyle is fun and a big reason why people want to live in the resorts. Here’s a look at the courses found in and around the resorts of the Kohala Coast. Each of these golf courses was skillfully designed by industry leaders to provide exciting golfing experiences amongst a spectacularly beautiful natural environment.

Mauna Kea Resort
You’ll find two outstanding golf courses within Mauna Kea Resort, the shoreline Mauna Kea Golf Course and Hapuna Beach Course located upslope at an elevation of 700 feet.

Originally designed by Robert Trent Jones Sr. and redesigned by his son Rees Jones, Mauna Kea Golf Course is widely considered one of the best resort golf courses in the world. Expanded in recent years, the par 72-course features 7,114 of yardage.

Upslope, Hapuna Beach Course is also a par 72 course that’s been ranked by numerous golf publications as among the best in the country. Golf Digest ranked it among the top 25 Best Golf Resorts in North America. Designed by Arnold Palmer and Ed Seay, this tough but fair course features 6,875 of yardage and its high elevation provides breathtaking views of the Kohala Coast.

Mauna Lani Resort
Mauna Lani Resort also features two excellent golf courses, the Francis H. I’i Brown North and South Golf Courses, named after legendary sportsman Francis H. I’I Brown, who pioneered the development and preservation of Mauna Lani Resort.

Built on expansive lava fields along the coastline, the championship courses were designed by Ray Cain, Rodney Wright, and Robin Nelson to provide hours of challenging golfing with gorgeous ocean and mountain views. The views are so incredible that the15th hole of the South Course considered one of the most photographed over-the-water golf course holes in the world. Both courses are par 72 with Mauna Lani North Course providing 6,913 yards and the South Course 6,938 of yardage.

Waikoloa Beach Resort
As with the other resorts, you’ll find two courses to choose from within Waikoloa Beach Resort: the Waikoloa Beach Course and the King’s Course. Designed by Robert Trent Jones Jr., the Waikoloa Beach Course is a par 70 course located along the shoreline with 6,566 yards of challenging play. Meanwhile the Kings’ Course offers 7,074 yards on which to play. Designed by Tom Weiskopf and Jay Morrish, the par 72 course features a lava amphitheater and is next to fields of historic petroglyphs.

While each of the courses described above offer incredible views and playing conditions, each is unique in their own way. Whether you’re a golfing professional or amateur these fairways will provide you with a range of playing opportunities for years to come. Living within walking distance to these great courses is just one of the many benefits of living along the Kohala Coast!

Big Island Beaches Along the Kohala Coast

Hawaii is famous for its white sandy beaches and warm tropical waters that invite you to swim, sail, surf, and snorkel all year round. When you live along the Kohala Coast, some of the best beaches in the world can be found right in your backyard. Here’s a look at some of the top beaches in and around the Kohala Coast resorts.

Kauna’oa Beach
When Laurence Rockefeller decided to build the very first luxury resort on the Big Island back in the 1960s, he selected Kauna’oa Beach, the very finest beach on the entire coast, for the site of the Mauna Kea Beach Resort. Ranked among the best in the world by Conde Nast and the Travel Channel, Kauna’oa Bay’s long crescent-shaped beach stretches nearly a quarter mile and is ideal for swimming and snorkeling. Manta rays are known to frequent the area and at night the Mauna Kea Hotel shines a spotlight into the water so you can see these magnificent creatures as they swim in the wild. Limited public parking means this beach is rarely crowded.

Hapuna State Beach
Just to the south of Kauna’oa Beach is Hapuna State Beach, also ranked among the best in the world. Like Kauna’oa Beach, you’ll find amenities like showers and restroom facilities here. However, it can get crowded at Hapuna. With its covered pavilions, picnic areas, and BBQ pits, the nearly 62-acre state park is one of the most popular on island and can get crowded on the weekends.

Wailea Bay in Puako
Travelling south along the Kohala Coast, you’ll next come across Wailea Bay in Puako. Adjoining Hapuna Beach, it is frequently referred to as Beach 69 because of its close proximity to electric pole #69, which serves as a landmark to help guide beach goers to this small sheltered beach. Once known only to locals, this beach has grown in popularity over the years and has received several upgrades, including a paved parking lot, outdoor showers, and restrooms. Snorkel near the south end of the beach and you may see green sea turtles and manta rays.

Mauna Lani Beach

Homeowners in Mauna Lani can avail themselves to three miles of pristine private white sand beaches. Mauna Lani property owners are also eligible to become members of the private Mauna Lani Beach Club, with its ultra-private beach cove and Naupaka restaurant. Adjoining the historic Kalahuipua’a Fishponds, Mauna Lani Beach Club members can avail themselves to a variety of beach amenities, including snorkeling, kayaking, and sailing.

A beautiful public beach is available within Mauna Lani Resort fronting the Mauna Lani Bay Hotel and Bungalows. The calm waters of this white sandy beach make it ideal for swimming and snorkeling and here you’ll find restrooms, outdoor showers, and a beachside restaurant. Mauna Lani Resort has a strong conservation program and this beach is also the site of the annual July 4th Turtle Independence festivities when Hawaiian sea turtles are released into the wild.

Anaeho’omalu Beach in Waikoloa
Waikoloa Beach Resort is home to one of the most well known and beautiful beaches on the Kohala Coast: Anaeho’omalu Beach, called “A Bay” by island residents. One of the most photographed beaches on island, it’s famous for its grove of coconut palm trees and long white sand beach. The south end of the beach is popular with windsurfers while the northern end fronts the Waikoloa Beach Marriott Resort. A variety of activities can be found at A Bay, including boat charters, snorkeling, scuba diving, windsurfing, boogie-boarding and surfing.